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Juan Gomez - little village, BIG GOD! 7.29.21

In the little village of Juan Gomez, out in the dusty mountains outside of Santiago near the Haitian boarder, there is a mighty movement of God taking place. This little village inhabited by hard working, loving, family oriented people, have suffered greatly over the years. Fires, racism and bigotry, poverty, death, and hunger. But a little church sprung up in the midst of this village, and God has shown his grace and mercy over, and over, again.

Here is a map of the location: (see the red pin marker)

Here is a photo from 2018 when the little hut of a building hosted worship services and reading classes for adults and children: This was after multiple fires in the area burnt down neighboring structures:

Here is the church building in 2019 when they began to add on. You can see the framework of the old building in the middle:

Fast forward to July 2021 when they held their annual conference. 300 people came! A day of worship, praise, special music groups, preaching, prayer, and baptism. Here is the church, the people of God, and the building they now have:

And they can sing and worship God with such Spirit and truth! This song is "Jesus Through Your Precious Blood"


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