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Juan Gomez


Over the past five years there have been multiple fires in this farming community that is in a desert, mountainous area near the Haitian border.  Haitian MInistries was able to raise funds to build a cement brick row-house to replace the small stick houses with thatched roofs that burned.  

Burned Land of church. Reconstruction
Amistad School in Dominican Republic
Old Amistad School in the Domincan Republic


In 2005 when we first visited the church at Amistad high in the mountains outside of the resort area of Puerto Plata, the congregation was meeting in a stick and cardboard building the size of a two car garages.  They had a thriving school and church.  Since then through the efforts of Haitian Ministries, along with other charitable organizations, Amistad now has a wonderful cement block building with up to three classrooms, two offices and a bathroom facility.


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