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Amistad School in Domincan Republic

This church is located in the mountains outside of the resort city of Puerto Plata on the Northern coast of the Dominican Republic in the village of Baraguanna.  The village was once a busy bateye (housing barracks for...

Juan Gomez Chruch in Domincan Republic

This bateye is in a hot and dusty hill area about one hour from the Haitian border.  The people in this village are mostly farm workers.  The only source of water is from a spigot at the bottom of the hill...

Cuenfuegos in Domincan Republic

This congregation has been borrowing a church building for 19 years.  Jean Paulite is the main pastor for this congregation but there are many qualified leaders...

This is the largest Haitian church in the Santiago area located in the barrio if Padre Las Casas.  The annual Haitian conference is held at this location and has seated 500-600 people...

Padre Las Casas in Domincan Republic
Hatillo Palma in Domincan Republic

This small church is to the West of Santiago on the main highway that leads to Haiti.  The members of this congregation are largely workers in the banana farm that surrounds the church.  The church building is...

There are five churches in and around the Santiago area that have been receiving continuous support for pastors and teachers.  These churches are growing and thriving in their communities.   Many other churches have fallen away or lack a pastor due to lack of support.