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ICOM 2023 - Oklahoma City

In November we were again able to participate as exhibitors at the International Conference on Missions which was held in Oklahoma City. As an extra perk the members of our US Haitian Ministries board were all able to make the trip and stay together for a mini retreat. This provided us with time together to pray, plan, and praise God for all He has provided.

There were over 6,000 people in attendance this year and we were again in awe, and humbled being with so many like minded missions organizations that are passionate about being love and light to the world. THE WORLD!

One highlight was the honor of being able to speak at the Lunch for Missionaries event. Paulite Jean was originally scheduled to attend the conference and speak but God had other plans. Dan Schue, the US Coordinator for Haitian Ministries stepped in and spoke to the crowd of about 250 people about the ministry. You can watch the short 13 minute video here:

The blessings of 2023 are evident and we are praying for continued blessings and growth in Haitian Ministries in 2024. We encourage you to subscribe to our monthly prayer and update email to keep up on all of the amazing things God is doing in and around the Santiago, Dominican Republic area churches.

Thank you, Merci anpiil! God bless you, Bondye beni nou!


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