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It's been too long!

A small group of us from the Haitian Ministries Board were finally able to travel to the Dominican Republic in November 2021. It had been almost three years since our last in person visit. It had been TOO LONG! The thing that always strikes us is that the work continues because God is in control and the Haitian congregations are faithful and working hard to build His kingdom.

The goal for the week was to visit each of the churches that are currently being supported through Haitian Ministries, and a few churches that would like to be supported. We were able to travel to Cienfuegos, Juan Gomez, Hatillo Palma, Baraguana, and Padres las Casa to visit with pastors and leaders at each congregation. There were Bible studies, worship services, prayer meetings, leadership trainings, and food!

Two of the churches have either added on to their building or are currently adding on. The congregations are growing! The local governments are seeing the benefit of having churches and centers of learning for the Haitians. This creates stability and community .

Each of the churches are a family. A place where people come together regularly for fellowship, support, and community.

We were instructed that because of COVID there should be no hugging. We broke all of the rules! People were just so happy to see us and grateful that we had come. So many friends that we had not seen for so long. A hug, a kiss, a smile, a handshake, all of the love we could possibly share. It is so wonderfully humbling to be the face of this ministry. We are always conveying that WE are not the supporters. There are many churches and individuals that support the ministry. We are just blessed enough to have the ability to visit on a regular basis to connect on a very personal level. God is so good!



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