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Island of Hispaniola

Haitian Ministries was formed in 2002 to support and work alongside Pastor Jean Paulite.  Jean    was born and raised in Haiti and is the grandson of a voodoo priest.  He felt called by God to     move to the Dominican Republic to preach and raise up churches in the Santiago area to serve the large Haitian population that was living in poverty with little hope and faith.  Haitian    Ministries was formed to provide prayer support, financial support, and personal involvement through mission trips in order to stabilize the ministry.  Our goal is to be able to financially support pastors and teachers so that they will be able to live and work in their community to provide stability both spiritually and through education.

Haitian Ministries is a ministry of the Forest Park Church of Christ in Crowley, LA. The ministry is under the leadership of God, the church elders, and the Haitian Ministries board.                          To be transparent with our supporters, Haitian Ministries will provide a copy of our Financial Report upon request.  Please email to request a copy and we will send that to you.

Jean Paulite

“Sharing the love and hope of Jesus Christ with Haitians living in the Dominican Republic by supporting and encouraging pastors, leaders, and congregations through Biblical teaching, prayer, and friendship.”

Mission Statement

Please Pray for...

  • Pray for Haitians and Dominicans to come to know Christ.

  • Pray for ministry workers in the DR and Haiti.

  • Pray for Jean Paulite and other leaders.

  • Pray for God to provide direction and financial support.

Jean and his wife Julie have three children.  Julie is an active leader in their congregation and has a wonderful gift for hospitality.  Jose is currently going to college in Wichita, Kansas to become a trauma doctor.  Daughters Ester and Devorah are both attending college in Santiago and would also like to go into medicine. 

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