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It is time! Let's build a second floor!!!

The ministry center in Cienfuegos is active and effective at ministering not only to the current Haitian congregation but the community at large. Due to the unrest in Haiti, more and more Haitians are moving to the Dominican Republic trying to find a better life and more opportunity for them and their family.

The ministry center has been operating well and used daily for services, education, and special events. It is time to expand to the second level! When complete the project will be a three story building including classrooms, a clinic with dorm rooms for visiting mission teams, and a worship center.

The cost to complete the columns needed is about $20,000. We have saved some of the funds but are still in need of about $4,000. This pays for cement, rebar, and labor. Labor means work and income for Haitians in the area! Once this is complete we hope to be able to raise funds for walls and a ceiling by the end of 2022.

Here are some photos to help you see the current building, how it is being used, and where the expansion will be.

It is time.....

This is a view of the street to get a sense for the bustling surrounding neighborhood:

This is a scan of the rooftop that will soon become the second floor of the ministry center:


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