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A Story of Hope... 8.22.2020

During a recent visit with Jean Paulite he confessed that it has been a real struggle for him to need to say no to some people who are in desperate need because he has nothing to give. Last week a supporter offered a financial gift that was unexpected. I contacted Jean Paulite to let him know that he could use the funds to provide some food and rent for families that are in need due to COVID 19. With great emotion he shared that he had just visited with a woman who's husband had passed away and she had 5 children with no way to provide for them. Within 24 hours Jean personally handed funds to this wonderful lady so she could buy food and pay rent. Money was also shared with as many as possible so they also could feed their families.

Haitian Ministries is truly a gift of hope to many! God provides the funds, and in almost every situation 100% of those funds go directly to support the ministry and "share the love and hope of Jesus Christ".

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