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"Words cannot express what this means" 5.3.2020

On March 15th when the last blog post was shared, we were just beginning to watch the COVID 19 Pandemic unfold. Not knowing what the future would hold.

On April 15th we sent out a request for help for the Haitians living in the Santiago area of the Dominican Republic. When Jean Paulite shared with us that many were struggling because they could not work, we did not know how we could possibly ask our supporters, who may also be struggling, to give. We put out a goal of raising enough to provide some food and rent money for 50 families. Then we prayed and sent out the request.

Two weeks later on April 29th we had surpassed our goal and were confident we could provide for more than 60 families. The money was sent.

The next day Jean, his family, and leaders from the church, spent the day purchasing food, dry beans, rice, oil, spices, canned tuna, tomato paste, garlic, pasta, and cooking fuel. Then they packaged it all up and brought it to the ministry center in Cienfuegos. The building was even set up with a "socially distant" waiting area.

Then on Friday, May 1st the people came. All day. People wore masks, they wore gloves. People were grateful, surprised, relieved, humbled, and blessed as they were given food, and possibly an envelope with some money to help pay for rent. God new the need.

By the end of the day more than 140 families were served! Most were Haitians, 12 Dominican families, and some from a congregation at a new church. The loaves and fishes were multiplied and God's people were filled and found peace.

We called Jean on Saturday and he asked that we express his gratitude, and the gratitude of all of those who were served. He held back tears as he said, more than once, "words cannot express what this means".


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