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March 2019 Trip

We were recently able to take a one week trip to stay with Jean and his family in the Dominican Republic. This trip was set up in order to really focus on how Haitian Ministries is doing. Visit the churches, meet with the leadership, talk with the teachers at the school, visit the building site, and discuss how we can be more effective. WOW!

Here is just a quick rundown:

-Dan preached at Cienfuegos the first night - 8 people came forward to be baptized

-Leadership training where we expected less than 40 people and were pleasantly surprised with an attendance of 70!

-Annual conference day where 16 people were baptized! About 450 in attendance. 7:00 AM - 3:30 PM full day of songs, prayers, speakers, fellowship, and food.

- Visit to the colleges where Ester and Devorah attend. Able to get a feel for how their education is going.

- Visited school at Padres las Casa where 65 kids are in attendance.

- Visited many homes and prayed for people. By far one of our favorite experiences every year.

- Participated in a prayer service at Cienfuegos that is held every Tuesday.

-Visited the church/school at Baraguanna (Amistad). Were able to take the leadership there out for lunch and leave some support for the pastor to get some much needed medical attention.

- Visited Hatillo Palma and shared a time of worship, fellowship, prayer, and leadership discussions.

Here is little video showing the congregation at Cienfuegos worshiping in the new "building". There are no walls, no roof, and a very busy street right outside in a very noisy neighborhood. Was God there? NO DOUBT!

Please visit and "like" our Facebook page for regular updates and information. Bondye beni nou!

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