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Mission Trip - March 2018

First - Happy Easter dear friends! The whole reason a mission like Haitian Ministries exists is because there is wonderful news to share and Haitian Ministries strives to share that news with Haitians that are living in the Dominican Republic.

We recently traveled as a team to visit the Santiago area of the Dominican Republic to work with Jean Paulite. Our team becomes a part of the family when we move in to the mission house which is the second floor of Jean's home. We had a team of people from Minnesota, Louisiana, and Haiti.

In the seven days we were there (not counting travel days) here is a brief recap of our trip:

- Leadership training

- Annual Haitian Conference (450-500 in attendance!)

- Visited all five of the churches that are supported through Haitian Ministries

- Visited the school at Padres las Casas

- Toured the new building site for the worship center/school in Cienfuegos

- Prayed with many people in their homes

- Participated in a prayer and worship service with our friends at the current Cienfuegos church

- Ate MANY homemade Haitian meals

- Visited the beach and visited some tourist sites

One story from our trip that stands out was our visit to the church/school in Baraguanna (Amistad). The pastor there has been sick for over a year and was in pain and getting thinner and sicker. His son was able to come from Haiti to take over some of the pastoral duties and teach at the school. We were able to provide funds for him to visit the hospital in Santiago for a diagnosis. He has Type 1 Diabetes and has not been taking insulin. We purchased a small refrigerator and provided funds for medication. He will need time to recover and gain back his strength. He also needs access to better nutrition in order to stay healthy. God worked through the whole situation and did what was best in His timing.

There are so many stories and so much more to share. Each mission trip is unique in it's own way. We can plan and prepare for the best trip possible but we also need to allow God to work and to step aside and see the Holy Spirit guide our plans.

I am sharing some of my favorite photos here. If you have more questions please contact us through email or our Facebook page. We are always happy to talk about what Haitian Ministries is all about with individuals or we would be honored to visit your church or organization to share in person!

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